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    Perl and presentation techniques courses

    Lausanne, 26-28 September 2012

    Note that the presentation courses is full. If you register, you will be put on the waiting list.

    The SIB is organizing a series of courses in Lausanne taught by Damian Conway on the Perl programming languages (3 days), as well as a one-day course on Presentation techniques:

    • Tue 25 September: Advanced Perl Programming Techniques
      A course for advanced Perl programmers who want to know more powerful, more efficient, and more maintainable
      implementation techniques.
    • Wed 26 September: New features of the Modern Perls (5.10 to 5.16)
      A must for all Perl programmers: don't wait for Perl6, but learn about all the new features available in recent Perl versions and ignored by most Perl programmers, and see with practical examples how they can improve the performance, robustness, and maintainability of your code.
    • Thu 27 September: Test-driven development in Perl
      This very successful class shows how to improve the reliability, usability, and maintainability of your codebase, using a design-by-testing approach.
    • Fri 28 September: Advanced Technical Presentation Techniques
      This class explains — and demonstrates — the key techniques that combine to produce an effective and enjoyable technical presentation, and is a must for anyone who must present their work in public; it does not require any particular knowledge in programming. This course is for academic participants only (SIB and CUSO members in particular).

    Participants can register to any course independently of the others. The cost is:

    • 200 CHF per day for SIB and academic members;
    • 300 CHF per day for all other participants

    The Perl courses are intended for programmers who are fluent in Perl. Participants who have followed the course "Perl Programming for Life Sciences" organized by the SIB fulfill the requirements.

    There is no requirement for the Presentation techniques course (Fri 28 September).

    Contact: Frédéric Schütz

    Registration deadline:

    Registration is closed.

    The number of seats is limited, and they will be attributed on a "first come, first serve" basis.

    Note that the courses can be cancelled if there are not enough participants.

    The registration deadline is 31 August 2012.