Topic outline

  • AllBio Validation & Teaching workshop: Epigenetics, coding and non-coding RNA - Challenging NGS data

    Bari, 25-27 June 2014

    It is widely accepted that non-coding RNAs (ncRNA), as opposed to protein-coding RNAs, represent the majority of transcripts; and the regulatory function of many of these ncRNAs has been studied over the past decade.

    ncRNA not only regulate transcription level but one other important role for ncRNAs is their participation in the epigenetic gene regulation. Indeed, increasing evidence show that most epigenetic mechanisms of gene expression are controlled by ncRNAs.

    Deep sequencing technologies accelerated the research in these fields by dramatically increasing pace and depth of discoveries.

    This workshop will give insight into the three different worlds of non-coding RNAtranscriptomicsepigenetics – and will highlight known and possible connections among them.

    Oral presentations will be selected according to the  quality of the submitted abstracts and AllBio and SeqAhead will offer travel grants to some  young researchers.

    Hand-on sessions during the third day will get you in touch with data and tools to cope with the enormous data sets from NGS approaches in these fields.

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