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    Introduction to statistics for biologists

    Lausanne, 25-29 January 2010

    Course description:

    This course, organized with the cooperation of the "3ème cycle romand en sciences biologiques", is designed to provide graduate students in the biomedical sciences with experience in the application of basic statistical analysis techniques to a variety of biological problems.

    Attendees will work through short tutorials on the topics discussed in the class. During the practical exercises students will learn how to work with the widely used "R" language and environment for statistical computing and graphics.

    No prior statistical knowledge is required in order to attend the course, however we strongly recommend you to get familiar with the R statistical analysis package prior attending the course. As the practical exercises will necessitate the use of the R program, you should already be familiar with the command line environment of such tool to avoid spending too much time during the practical exercises with the syntax of the program. Please read some documentation (see below) to familiarize with the R language and download the program locally on your computer to try some simple examples present in the tutorials.

    R Tutorial
    We have published a self-assessment (Quizz) to help you test your R knowledge, and decide whether you have the prerequisites to optimally profit from the content of the course: Quizz.

    Before you take the Quizz please have a look at the following short tutorial [short tutorial] with the associated examples files: [plotdata.txt][worms.txt] and at the Introduction to R document: Chapters 1-2, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.8, 5.9, 6-7 and 9 to learn the basics needed for the course.


    Please find here some other useful links:
    - R main site (with information how to dowload and install the program)
    - R Contributed documentations
    - Manuals

    Peter Dalgaard, Introductory Statistics with R, Springer